!. Open your preferred browser and enter the URL :https://aka.ms/ssprsetup

2. Enter your full AUB username

3. Select Next

4. Enter AUB password

5. Select Sign in

6. Select No

7. Set up the 3 authentication methods

8. Select set it up now for the first option

9. Set up your mobile phone details, enter your

10. Enter your Mobile number

11. Select your preferred method of contact

12. Enter your Verification code

13. Select Verify

14. Select set it up now for the second option

15.Enter an alternative email address

16. Select Email me

17. Enter verification code

18. Select Verify

19. Select set it up now for the third option 

20. Set up your 3 chosen security questions

21. Select Finish

For further assistance:

Please raise a ticket with the ServiceDesk, by clicking this link ServiceDesk.

Email the ServiceDesk Team to raise a ticket by clicking this link ServiceDesk.

To call the ServiceDesk, Tel: 01202 36(3333).