Located in the Library are 36x Apple MacBook Pro 15inch and 24x Windows laptops that can be loaned to students for up to 4 hours at a time or until 15 minutes before the Library closes (whichever is shorter).

Laptops can be taken out of the Library but must not be removed from the AUB campus or held overnight. If a laptop is not returned on time a fine of £5 per hour/part hour for the first 4 hours will be incurred. After which your Library account will be blocked until the laptop returned and fine paid in due course.

Please ensure that you return the laptop on time to avoid a fine, failure to return a laptop may lead to us invoicing you for the cost of a replacement (£1,700 inc vat).  

How to borrow a laptop:

1    1. Tap the ‘Borrow’ button on the Touch Screen
2. Place your Student Card on the card reader beneath the Touch Screen
3. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
4. The Screen will show you which locker your laptop will be presented from (e.g.AA12)
5. Place your Student Card by the card reader on the appropriate bay holding the laptop
6. The Locker Door will ‘click’, ‘light up’ and ‘unlock’
7. Open the Door and disconnect the laptop charger cable (Magnetic)
8. Remove laptop from Locker
9. Close the Locker Door
10. Tap ‘Finish’ on the Touch Screen and take receipt showing the return date and time.

       How to return a laptop:

       1. Tap the ‘Return’ button on the Touch Screen
2. Place your Student Card on the card reader beneath the Touch Screen
3. The screen will show which Locker your laptop will need to be returned to and the Locker Door will unlock (e.g. AB01)
4. You must reconnect the laptop charger cable in the Locker (This will remove the laptop from the Library record)
5. Close the Locker Door
 6. Tap ‘Finish’ on the Touch Screen

Laptop Guidance

4 hour Loan Period – Know your return time
Laptop Login : YourStudentNo@my.aub.ac.uk Password: Computer password
WiFi: EduRoam

Installed Software Applications:

Full Office 365 Suite
Adobe 2019 CC – Selected Lightweight applications
Mac OS Applications - Pages; Keynote; Numbers
Claro & Inspiration
Web Browsers - Safari, Chrome & Firefox
VLC Media Player

NOTE : There is no course specific software installed on these machines, to use specialist software please use the IT suites in your course area

Printing – Release Print

File Access – Use MyAUB on OneDrive (1.0TB storage) or USB Drive

Saving your work!

Always save a copy of your work on OneDrive, USB Drive or email a copy to yourself. Any documents saved on the Laptops will be not be maintained when you shut down the laptop. We cannot recover work which has been saved onto the laptop after it has been shut down.

Summary T's&C's 

This Laptop can be used within the AUB Campus where WiFi networking exists.
The Laptop must be returned to the Library within the 4Hr maximum loan period.
The fine for late return is £5 per hour, up to 4Hrs (Max Fine £20) at which point your Library account will be automatically blocked. 
Replacement cost of the laptop is £1,700 (inc Vat)

Acceptable Use Policy 

I accept full responsibility for the safekeeping and safe return of the laptop.
I will not leave the laptop unattended or unsecured.
The laptop must be returned in person to the locker within the Library.
I understand that I may be deemed liable for the full cost of repairing or replacing the laptop if the University determines that the damage was due to negligence on my behalf.

By pressing ‘Accept’ you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and wish to continue.

For further assistance:

Please raise a ticket with the ServiceDesk, by clicking this link ServiceDesk.

Email the ServiceDesk Team to raise a ticket by clicking this link ServiceDesk.

To call the ServiceDesk, Tel: 01202 36(3333).