1. To connect to eduroam, which is the university’s wireless service, on an Android device, first go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings. 


2. Next select eduroam from the list of available wireless sources. Please note leave all fields should be left blank unless listed below. 


3. Change the EAP type to PEAP.


4. Ensure that the Certificate is set to Do Not Validate.


5. In Identity input your AUB email address.


6. In Password input your AUB password. 


7. Finally, press Connect and Trust any certificate if prompted to. 

For further assistance:

Please raise a ticket with the ServiceDesk, by clicking this link ServiceDesk.

Email the ServiceDesk Team to raise a ticket by clicking this link ServiceDesk.

To call the ServiceDesk, Tel: 01202 36(3333).